Here at Norfolk Granite Works, we’re all about using our main materials granite and quartz in a huge range of different ways.

Granite is an extremely unique product, with different styles and colours available to suit whatever use you’d like. That’s why we’ve come up with this guide to seven creative ways that you could use granite in your home!

Check them out and do get in touch if any of them inspire you – we’d love to help.

1.    Worktops

Ok, so this one might not be the most creative. But we just couldn’t resist including it. Worktops and countertops are a classic use for granite in the kitchen, and the material really does create beautiful, unique and durable worktops.

You might be surprised to see just how many colours granite is available in. Each is totally unique, and the natural material means you’re getting a bespoke piece of worktop, perfect for your kitchen. See some of our favourites here.

2.    Kitchen islands

Granite is also perfect for use for kitchen islands. In large kitchens, a kitchen island makes a gorgeous statement piece, and using a granite worktop can really enhance this effect.

Granite kitchen islands can really open up a kitchen, adding tonnes of versatile counter space and giving you the flexibility to entertain or simply add valuable prep space.

3.    Splash backs

As well as counter tops, granite tiles also make gorgeous splashbacks, adding a real touch of class to any kitchen. These could obviously either match your granite countertops or even contrast with them, creating a beautiful two-tone effect.

Granite is hard wearing and durable, so it makes a really effective material for a kitchen splashback – easy to clean and care for.

4.    Windowsills

For a use of granite that really is a bit different, think about using granite tiles as windowsills in your home. Granite tiles can come in fairly thin sizes, so they can be used in applications like windowsills.

A dark slate coloured granite windowsill is the perfect modern addition to any room, while a natural lighter colour will add light and a touch of class.

5.    Hearths or fireplaces

Due to its natural heat resistant properties, granite makes an excellent choice for hearths and fireplaces. It can be used as hearth surrounds or mantelpieces and can even be installed over the top of the existing face and mantel.

Black or dark slate granite is a beautiful choice for hearths and fireplaces as it will naturally reflect the flickering light of a fire.

6.    Shelving

Another great creative use for granite is shelving. While not a traditional material for shelving, sections of granite can be used as decorative shelves.

These decorative shelves may be used to complement existing granite worktops in kitchens or bathrooms or could be used to create beautiful bespoke shelving.

7.    Decoration

Our last creative use for granite is as decorative pieces. We often think of granite as used in large slabs for bigger applications like worktops, but the natural beauty of the stone also shines through if far smaller pieces are used.

Granite coasters or placemats are a beautiful way to spruce up any dining table, while slightly larger flat pieces can even be used as serving trays. Or, you could fill a bowl or vase with granite chips to create a gorgeous centrepiece. The natural, organic pattern of the granite makes it a perfect decorative material.

So – there you have it. Seven unique ways to use granite in your home. If any of these inspired you to look further at this beautiful material, you can get in touch with us here. Or, read about how we’re continuing to trade in a Covid-safe way at our Norfolk showroom.