Your natural stone worktops are an investment. So you’ll want to keep them in pristine condition. Like all stone, granite is porous, but far less so than, say, marble or limestone. To keep your granite’s natural beauty, we recommend the following tips for care and cleaning:

  • While granite is resistant to stains from most household substances, oils and grease should not be allowed to linger or they may cause marks
  • The lighter the granites may be slightly more porous. If water is allowed to stand for long periods of time, darkening may occur. Generally these marks will disappear when dried.
  • Do not allow spillages from fruit juice, fruit cordial, wine, vinegar or other such acidic substances to linger. There is the possibility that marks may form.
  • Take care with hot pans because they may mark your granite. Please use a trivet when necessary – due to temperature differentials slight cracking may occur
  • With normal use, granite will not chip or scratch. We do, however, suggest using a chopping board to avoid marks or damage to knives
  • Use a mild neutral soap or detergent to clean your granite. We recommend you do not use any form of acid cleaner. Wire wool may be used to clear drainer grooves where necessary. Rinse with clean water and then dry with a soft clean cloth.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaning products or scouring pads as these will cause micro-scratches, making the surface dull over time
  • We ensure your granite is sealed immediately after installation with a suitable product (once fixing compound has set), and reseal every 6 months thereafter. This will help prevent substances penetrating and causing marks. We recommend using lithofin stainstop and a stone polish – we can provide these in our granite care kit.

If you have any questions about caring for your granite worktop, please do get in touch.