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100% Natural

Granite is a stunning 100% natural product, mined from the ground. It is dense, durable and hardwearing making it perfect for kitchen worktops. being a natural product, every piece of granite is unique and truly bespoke to your kitchen! Making it the oldest thing in your house by millions of years. 

Our expert stonemasons will take your chosen granite and transform it into a high quality work surface, vanity or a beautifully crafted piece of furniture. Our installers work across Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire to ensure the finish is flawless.

Our stone suppliers import granite from around the world. There is a wide range of natural granite colours to choose from. The exact provenance of your stone largely depends on the colour you require – often only certain colours are mined in one region of the world.

Choosing your granite

We have included images of some of our most popular granites on this website. However, these are always subject to the colour reproduction process of photography and colour performance of the device you’re viewing it on. Whilst these examples can help you request an initial quote from us, we always encourage you to come and visit us to view samples before making your final choice. You can take away as many samples as you like to view them in your own home.

However, seeing a small sample isn’t the same as seeing a big sheet of scant granite. If you would like to choose your specific slab of granite before it is made to order, you can. Our stone importers allow our customers to visit them and choose from their very large stock. You can reserve the slab, and they will deliver directly to us for manufacture.

There can be considerable variation from one piece of granite to another. When your project requires more than one slab, we ensure the granite comes from the same batch to ensure the pieces match. Due to the natural qualities of the stone, however, this can never be guaranteed.

Granite COLOURS – a selection of our favourites

Absolute Black

Steel Grey

Ivory Fantasy

Star Galaxy

Colonial White

Blue Pearl

Advice on granite care and maintenance

Most granite worktops supplied come highly polished and sealed. However, granite is still slightly porous. These facts mean that if care, and common sense are used, your worktops will be able to stand the test of time with the greatest of ease. However, to help you maintain your granite worktops, each of our installs comes with a granite care kit. We’ve also busted some granite myths and shared some top tips for cleaning your granite worktop.