Quartz worktops are a stylish, functional worktop solution for kitchens and counters across the UK. Quartz worktops are notoriously hard wearing and durable, making them a great choice for a sturdy, beautiful worktop. Quartz is a manufactured compound of natural quartz set in a resin with added pigments, which means cutting the solid material isn’t always straight forward.

As quartz and granite worktop suppliers, we have all the required equipment in our workshop to cut down large quartz slabs to size. As specialist equipment is the best and safest way to cut quartz, we don’t recommend cutting quartz without a professional or a stonemason present! It is one of the hardest commercial materials, so a regular saw just won’t hack it. Here are what you should consider before cutting quartz worktops to ensure the process is safe, effective, and doesn’t end up cracking your beautiful new countertop!


Find the right person for the job

Deciding on the right supplier for your quartz countertop is the first step. At Norfolk Granite Works we template, supply, cut, and install only the best quality quartz worktops. This includes Cimstone, Novaston and Silestone quartz, and welcome anyone interested in installing a quartz worktop to take a look at our samples in person.


Make sure you have the right equipment

You will need a very strong tool to cut through quartz such as a circular saw with diamond tips. You will also need a space large enough to cut the quartz worktop to size, and a secure base to hold the quartz while it is being cut. Precise measurements are essential, which is again why we recommend leaving it to the professionals. There is nothing worse than installing your shiny new worktop only to find it is an inch too short!


Consider health and safety

As well as the dangers of using power tools, quartz can release a fine powder when cut which can irritate the eyes, mouth, nose, and skin, so it is essential you wear the right protective gear. This includes overalls, a respirator, and goggles. A circular saw is also very loud, and can potentially harm your ears, so ear plugs are recommended. This is an additional reason why it is best not to cut quartz yourself at home (unless you are a professional) as the quartz debris can easily move round the home and cause harm to family members, children, and pets.


When in doubt, leave it to the professionals

If you are in any way unsure about how to cut a quartz worktop, especially at home, please seek help from the experts! The Norfolk Granite Works team are always happy to help, whether over the phone or at our yard, so please get in touch if you’re considering a quartz or granite worktop.