Both wood and granite are popular materials for kitchen countertops due to the huge variety of colours and styles available, as well as their durability. At Norfolk Granite Works we specialise in granite and quartz, but we regularly work with clients who are mixing wood and granite countertops for a stylish finish that combines these two natural materials.


The benefits of mixing wood and granite countertops

If you are thinking about upgrading your kitchen countertops either as a renovation or perhaps building from scratch, here are a few things you should consider when mixing wood and granite countertops.


How much does it cost to mix wood and granite countertops?

Granite is generally an affordable option for kitchen countertops as it is incredibly durable so will last you a lifetime. Granite is a naturally occurring material so therefore every piece is unique (although there are a few standard colours). For a more uniform option quartz worktops are a man-made alternative, that look just as impressive.

In terms of cost, it will really depend on the scope of the project, but it’s important to consider that you may need to purchase your countertops from different manufacturers when combining materials. When purchasing granite or quartz worktops we always recommend consulting a specialist, regardless of if you are also using wooden countertops in certain areas of the room.

Wooden countertops will vary in price due to the variety of wood available. Granite countertops are generally consistent in price regardless of colour.


How much maintenance do wood and granite countertops require?

As granite is a natural stone, it will need resealing every year, meaning it requires slightly more maintenance than a quartz worktop. Some key things to consider when maintaining granite worktops include:

  • Avoid leaving oils and grease on granite surfaces for an extended period.
  • Try to avoid spilling acidic liquids like fruit juice or vinegar and clean them up as soon as you can.
  • Take care to not put hot pans directly on the surface.
  • Avoid abrasive cleaning products.

Wooden countertops have a similar level of maintenance to a granite worktop, as they will need oiling regularly. This means that wood and granite worktops work well together as they should be looked after in a similar same way (no harsh abrasive materials, no hot pans, always use a cutting board, and don’t leave water to sit on the surface).


How to match mixed wood and granite countertops?

When mixing materials, you should consider how they will look together and with the room. Granite and wood both have a variety of natural tones that can create lots of complementary colours and textures. Some things to consider when matching wood and granite/quartz countertops with your kitchen include:

How big is your kitchen? Smaller kitchens may benefit from lighter colours to not absorb limited natural lighting.

What colour are your cabinets? Matching or even intentionally clashing with your cabinets can create either a classic look or something bolder and more modern.

What colour are your kitchen accents? You might like to combine silver handles with a dark counter, or gold accessories to a white worktop.


Remember to work to your preferences as a kitchen renovation is a big investment. It should suit you, your family, and your unique style!


Where to get granite and quartz countertops?

If you are interested in incorporating granite or quartz countertops to your kitchen or home, get in touch with our experts at Norfolk Granite Works and we will be happy to help!